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Sock on, sock off May 3, 2011

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The Wheaters are back from their Easter break…did you all have a good break too? We thought it felt long and relaxing. The place we were staying even gave us a big box of lindt! Can’t complain about that. We did fall in to the “holiday calories” trap though where you think they don’t count and where it almost seems to reduce the calories if you eat more (as tested by Murray’s 7 lindt balls in one night theory). One night I ate so much chocolate I actually felt nauseous.

We’ve also had a royal wedding with the perfect dress (lace + that neckline = divine), and OBL has been killed, which just makes me feel odd. The Biggest Loser has finished and Masterchef has started…it feels like some sort of strange yin and yang going on.

I’m busy with a couple of stories so the days have been pretty hectic. It’s amazing how time consuming the boring stuff is, and how it accumulates when you’re not paying attention to it. Even the time it takes me to peel and steam veg for the bear seems critical when you’ve got a deadline and only 1.5 hours of sleeping baby to get work done in.

So this post will be a few pics – this is from today. She had just pulled one sock off and was working on the other, thinking she was pretty funny.

This is from Tassie…Bunny plus view from our accom.

View without Bunny…

Bunny all rugged up for the Tassie cold…

And sporting the fancy Ralph Lauren cardi from Aunty Clare…

So Tassie was pretty awesome. Not that we saw much of it, but where we stayed was great and MONA was uh-maze-ing. It was creepy and weird and intoxicating and exciting. And because we were staying on the neighbouring winery property we had access to it all the time, went to the two wine bars, got room service from the restaurant and generally had a really nice time. I read, napped in the sun and just relaxed. If you can get to MONA you must, must go.

I’m currently reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It’s really good. Stay tuned for my next rant on food and books you simply must read…

lots of love gang.



One Response to “Sock on, sock off”

  1. Marsha Says:

    Umm, Buns in the hoodie is the cutest thing ever!!! Followed closely by her pulling off her socks. Hilarious. xx

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