Dog walking really is a full time job.

May 24, 2011

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This is a photo from last weekend – Murray was in Adelaide so it was just us girls (and Ped) for Sunday morning breakfast time in the Wheater household. Bunny usually commandeers her spoon at some point – in this photo she’s got the spoon from her cereal and fruit but also moved on to toast. I think maybe I should try having different food stuffs in each hand at meal times.

Later that day we went to Marsh and Jamie’s for the nommiest lunch – homemade silverbeet ravioli and beef daube, amaaaziing. Josie didn’t want to have her nap, so instead she came to hang with the big kids, and she even tried a bit of ravioli. Or really it was more crushing it in her fist and sucking on it, but we’ll say she tried it. I’m useless at this finger foods thing, I’m terrified she’s going to choke and as a result the kid is probably still going to be eating puree when she’s 10.


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  1. Redfox Says:

    OMG I love her outfit! I want one. Cute!!! xx

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