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All fired up. May 31, 2011

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Hi gang,

I’ve hit my political straps this afternoon (despite Bunny being yowly and upset with her teeth). I’ve signed the GetUp! petition to end the live animal export trade, and sent a letter to the PM. THis is what I wrote (it’s not genius, but it’s something):

Dear Ms Gillard,

As Prime Minister of Australia you are in a rare position to make lasting and impressive change. I can’t say that I love my dog and sit quietly while I know other animals, who are just as sensitive, communicative and intelligent as my dog, are abused. No animal should have to live a life of pain and die in fear.

I would like to think that Australia is a leader in many respects, however in the case of live animal export, we are embarrassingly and horrifically negligent. I believe that once we have knowledge of such abuse, we shouldn’t ignore it, no matter how ugly the fallout might be.

I realise Indonesia is a developing country which struggles to feed its people, and that its knowledge and skills in animal slaughter are not where we would like them to be, however this does not ameliorate the horror of these animals’ last days on this planet. Live export is unnecessary for Australia to be a part of.

In my own life I only eat meat when I can be sure that it wasn’t farmed in intensive conditions, and that it was killed humanely. I do this for the same reasons I beg you to put a stop to this cruelty. I have too much knowledge of how animals are farmed and killed to sit by and do nothing, so I vote with my fork and support farmers and abattoirs who believe in growing (and killing) animals in a humane fashion. It’s not hard to do. Sometimes I can’t eat what I want when we go out, but should my whim be more important than how much pain an intelligent life feels? And I believe that you are in the same position with the live animal trade. You have too much information to do nothing. Just end it, stand up for something, even if it does piss off a whole lot of people.

I just think if I saw a video of my family dog being treated like that, what would I do? What will you do? Please help the helpless Prime Minister.

If the idea upsets you too, it's really easy to send an email to Julia, or to find a voice some other way. It's just not necessary to create such pain and fear in the world, and to be so brutal towards such vulnerable and powerless creatures. 
You can find Julia here...
The BanLiveExports.com campaign is jointly run by Australia's two peak animal protection bodies -- RSPCA Australia and Animals Australia. If you'd like to support our work, please consider making a donation <http://www.BanLiveExport.com/#donate>  today. 
Have fun with your democracy, team!



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