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On the road again… July 5, 2011

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Hi everyone,

Wheaterville is going back to its roots. We started as a way to keep me honest when training for the New York marathon, and now it’s headed back to a training diary (with a few baby photos thrown in). I’ve signed up to run the Sydney City to Surf on August 14. It’s been the one thing I wanted to achieve since having Josie, and I’m pleased to feel like it is achievable. There is, however, just under six weeks to go, which isn’t a heap of time to train. I also still have a niggling ITB and a weak pelvic floor, which is going to limit how I can train. So it’s not going to be the fastest 14km ever, but we’re going to do it! I’d love to have your support as I train for this event. The Perth City to Surf was the first run I ever trained for and it remains a special race for me. So I guess running Sydney C2S is a rite of passage for me too, and marks a return to the me of days gone by.

Stay tuned…


ps I’m fundraising on this run too, which admittedly involves asking my friends and family to cough up to support me (and my chosen charity, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. humpty.com.au). The Humpty Dumpty Foundation purchases medical equipment for children’s hospitals around Australia…you can show your support here: http://www.fundraise.city2surf.com.au/emma_wheater


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