Dog walking really is a full time job.

First training run done. July 6, 2011

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Instructions from the physio re pelvic floor: two weeks of flat running, distance around 3km per run.

This morning’s run: 4km on flat at Rushcutter’s Bay, with occasional stopping to pick up dog poo.

Felt pretty good this morning. It was cold and took me a while to relax my shoulders, but it was lovely to get out. I feel so lucky that a morning training run involves a view of the Harbour Bridge. My ITB feels a bit tight so I’ll roll that out soon, and other tasks for today include doing my pelvic floor exercises, which I’m fairly rubbish at remembering to do. And I have a pimple, awesome.

Thanks to all my early donators – I feel so lucky to have such lovely and supportive friends. You guys are so great, and it totally makes a difference to my thinking when I’m lying in bed trying to decide whether to get up in the cold and go for a run or not.

Til next time!




One Response to “First training run done.”

  1. Lisa O Says:

    Very inspirational Em, just signed Sean and I up for a donation. Will be an avid reader of this, cheering you on all the way! Will you be doing any pram runs? Gosh, that looks like a massive workout when you see people pushing prams while running! xoxox

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