Dog walking really is a full time job.

Little doll. July 16, 2011

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The wheaters are off for another weekend. Two weeks ago we were on the gold coast with Jules, Kate and Sarah, now we are in Melbourne with the Fraser clan. Bunny was so pooped in the taxi she fell asleep on her dad’s lap.


We caught up with aunty Ineke yesterday, who drove up from Geelong to meet bunny, and tomorrow we’re going to see jac. Plus we get to hang with Sarah and Simon and their furry babies all weekend. Best ever.


This morning I went for a 40min run along the water which was freeeeezing but really beautiful. Then we went to the cafe next door where I ate a pile of corn fritters, ham, avocado, relish and egg. Amazing. Now bunny is napping and this afternoon we are off to the MCG! So exciting, I’ve never been. Carlton vs collingwood… 90,000 people are expected. Omg!

Planning a longer run tomorrow morning, hopefully I can manage about an hour. Have a great weekend peeps.



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