Dog walking really is a full time job.

What’s taken me so long? January 8, 2012

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Hello funsters!

This time I’ve been away a long time. Not the usual lack of writing, but months and months of it. For no good reason really, just that I didn’t think to do it. Which is crazy, considering I love doing this blog as I feel it’s such a nice way to keep in touch with friends, and a perfect place to post pics of Bunny and to rant about stuff that bugs me.

Anyway this is just to get the ball rolling after the drought (appropriate considering it is currently thunder storming here in Sydney), to put it out there that more is coming. Until I write properly (battery is about to die) here is a pic of Bunny in her paddling pool at our Christmas beach house (that is yoghurt she is wearing). Hugs and happy new year everyone.



2 Responses to “What’s taken me so long?”

  1. Hurrayyyyy you’re back!! Love the pic of Josie and her gorgeous blonde hair, she is such a darling. Can’t wait to be able to send you pics of the Peach soon! xoxox

  2. CP Says:

    pee hee – yoghurt mo

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